Please share your ideas on the following Ten Essentials of Character Plus. Thank you for sharing your ideas and hopefully you'll find a few on the way!

1. Community Participation

What are some ways we can get our parents and community involved?

2. Character Education Policy

What are some words, phrases, or sentences that you think should be included in our building mission statement that supports our character education program?

3. Identified and Defined Traits

Which traits do you think should be included in our list? Feel free to define them.

4. Integrating Curriculum

What are ways you can integrate the character traits into your daily instruction?

5. Experiential Learning

Do you have any service learning, cooperative learning, or peer mentoring ideas?

6. Evaluation

How can we evaluate our character program to make sure we are achieving the anticipated results?

7. Adult Role Models

Do you have any ideas on the topic of role models?

8. Staff Development

9. Student Leadership

How can we get students involved in decision making and learning character education at Mathews?

10. Sustaining the Program

What resources do you need to sustain the program? How can we support each other?